Sometimes you just need to speak up.

Decent people don’t tolerate racism.


Speech by Robert F. Kennedy on April 4, 1968

Now is the time to do something practical about it.

Join us in supporting Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

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We are decent people making a decent return in a decent way. And driving this is a passion for building businesses in the right way.
We take our obligations and responsibilities seriously. And we appreciate that to deliver and manage the expectations of all our stakeholders we need firm guidance in place to help us.


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Positive Capitalism

Capitalism has been given a tough press over the last few years and we agree it’s a word that can easily conjure up negative bias. There are plenty of valid examples and negative stories that have created these judgements and built stereotypes which are now widely accepted. But the image of Capitalism as purely self-interested is not entirely accurate. At least not to us.

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