ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a core part of FSN Capital’s value creation approach.

“We are decent people
making a decent return
in a decent way”

Our ethos is at the core of how we approach decision-making every day.

By decent people we mean people of character and integrity. New team members can only be successfully on-boarded and integrated if there is a strong cultural fit with the FSN Capital team in terms of our ethos and values.

Decent return we define as an internal rate of return, which substantially outperforms that which our investors could achieve by investing in the relevant small / midcap listed shares index.

Generating returns in a decent way is achieved by implementing the FSN Governance Framework in all Portfolio Companies, and by constantly encouraging our individual team members to challenge decisions and behavior by asking : «Is this in line with our ethos?»

Our Commitment

Our objective is to create a good return to investors – our ultimate clients – and we will do so in a responsible and sustainable manner.

​FSN Capital and the FSN Capital Funds deliver trend shifts through transformation, creating sustainable and resilient companies that withstand the test of time – for the benefit of both our investors and society at large.​​

Our historic strong focus on ESG, initiated by a clear tone from the top on the value of responsible investing, has ensured that ESG is deeply integrated into our culture, investment processes, and how we govern our Portfolio Companies. ​

We want to ensure that our Portfolio Companies also remain sustainable after our ownership period, so our ESG approach is focused on integrating key ESG topics in both the strategy and operations of each Portfolio Company.

​​FSN Capital will have an impact that lasts beyond our ownership period.

— The partners of FSN Capital Partners

Our Ultimate Clients

Ultimate clients

Our Purpose:
“To contribute to the welfare of everyday people” ​

Our ESG Approach throughout the Investment Cycle

ESG Approach
ESG Approach

FSN Capital integrates ESG and climate considerations throughout the investment cycle to create resilient and more sustainable companies

In line with UN’s Principles for Responsible Investing and our Responsible Investment Policy we integrate ESG considerations into every phase of the investment cycle. ​

More information about how we always incorporate ESG risks and opportunities into the investment analysis and decision-making processes can be found under “Responsible Screening Process”. “Value Creation” describes in more detail how key ESG topics are integrated in both the strategy and operations of each Portfolio Company to ensure that they remain sustainable even after they are no longer part of the FSN Capital portfolio. ​

Responsible Investment Policy

Our Responsible Investment Policy and our investment philosophy are intertwined and in fact two sides of the same coin; tools we apply to ensure that we over time get the best possible combination of controlling risk and enhancing value.​​

Read FSN Capital Partners’ Responsible Investment Policy here

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