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VIA Travel acquires bureaus in Vestfold, Norway

VIA Travel Norway AS has acquired franchisee VIA Vestfold AS from Bugsett Holding AS. Through the acquisition, VIA Travel Norway expands its operations with 3 offices, 40 employees and NOK 250 million in revenue.

VIA Travel is the largest travel agency in Scandinavia with a total turnover of more than NOK 7 billion. VIA is the market leader in Norway and Denmark and has, after its acquisition of Broströms Resebyrå AB last month, become the fourth largest player in Sweden. The company recently reported its best Q1 results ever.

“Eirik Bugsett has built VIA Vestfold into the region’s largest travel management company and an important VIA franchisee. Together with management, we will build on this success by cooperating more closely and fully leverage VIA’s Scandinavian market leading position. This will enable better service and more value to our customers”, says Egil Riisnes, CEO of VIA Travel Group ASA, adding that he is very impressed with the company’s management.

VIA Vestfold was established in 1916 as Eivind Andersen & Co, and became a VIA franchisee in 1994. The company is headquartered at Sandefjord Airport Torp, and has offices in Horten and Kongsberg.