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VIA Travel acquires Broströms Resebyrå in Sweden

VIA Travel has acquired Broströms Resebyrå AB from Broström AB.

VIA Travel is the largest travel agency in Scandinavia with a total turnover of more than NOK 7 billion. VIA is already the market leader in Norway and Denmark and will, with its acquisition of Broströms Resebyrå, become the fourth largest player in Sweden. VIA Travel Sweden will, after the acquisition, have a turnover of NOK 750 million, be present in 6 offices and employ over a hundred people.

“Broströms has been a VIA partner for several years. Through this acquisition we will integrate our businesses and fully leverage VIA’s market leading position, thereby providing better service and more value to our customers”, says Göran Eriksson, CEO of VIA Travel Sweden.

Broströms Resebyrå is focused on business and marine travel with a turnover of NOK 230 million and about 45 employees. With Broström AB’s gradually increased focus on its product tanker shipping activities, a sale of the travel agency gives improved opportunities for this part of the operation to further develop.

Broströms Resebyrå will change name to VIA Travel as of July 1. 2006.