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Instalco Group has secured duo of add-on acquisitions

We are pleased to announce that Instalco Group has agreed to acquire family-held Rörläggaren AB and OTK Klimatinstallationer AB.

Rörläggaren is a leader in heating and plumbing installations in South Sweden with offices in Malmö, Helsingborg and Växjö. Founded in 1944, the company has a strong legacy in the Skåne region and has grown at a CAGR of 14% since Tommy Larsson became its owner in 1995. The company has 163 full-time employees (2013) and operates significant in-house capabilities for projecting, production and a pre-fabrication workshop. It is also the main sponsor of Malmö FF football club that represents Sweden in the 2014/2015 Champions League tournament. On LTM basis (Sep-14), Rörläggaren had sales of SEK 240m.

Closing is expected to take place in early November this year.
I have received many approaches over the years from interested parties, however I feel that Rörläggaren has now found its best possible future home as a member of the Instalco Group” commented Tommy Larsson, CEO of Rörläggaren.

In July, OTK became the first member within the HVAC segment to join Instalco. The company is mainly active within the greater Stockholm / Mälardalen region, hence providing a strong complement to Instalco’s current units in the region. It had sales of SEK 69 million on LTM basis.
Tomas Carlsson at OTK sees an evident rationale for joining Instalco: “Through the combination we will obtain competence and resources to continue our growth journey“

Previous business owners have agreed to re-invest in Instalco.