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FSN Capital wins SVCA’s Best Fundraise of the Year award

SVCA’s [Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association] prize for the year’s fund establishment goes to FSN Capital Partners for raising the FSN Capital V fund.

FSN Capital Partners (“FSN”) announced the closure of FSN Capital V on 16 December 2016 after the fund raised SEK 9.62 billion. FSN Capital V is 77% larger than FSN Capital IV.

The investor community in FSN Capital V is well-diversified and consists of both public and private pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, public institutions, asset managers, banks and fund-in-funds. FSN has broadened its international investor base with new investors from Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Of the total capital, 29% came from investors based in North America, 13% from Asia and the Middle East, and 34% from European investors outside the Nordic region. In addition, the fund attracted a strong investor base from the Nordic countries with leading investors from all Nordic markets.

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