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FSN Capital wins at the Private Equity Awards 2017

The Corporate Citizenship Award recognises a firm’s commitment to best practice in environmental, social and corporate governance.

FSN Capital Partners and the FSN Funds have had a strong commitment to responsible investment since their foundation.

Founder and Managing Partner of FSN Capital Partners, Frode Strand-Nielsen, comments:
“We are very pleased that our emphasis on integrating ESG factors into the investment process and governance approach is duly recognised through this award. FSN Capital Partners and the FSN Funds compete on three arenas: We compete in the capital market (LPs/IPOs), talent arena and for companies to acquire. The most powerful weapon we possess to win our battles on these arenas is; TRUST. We have therefore, since the inception of our Firm, undertaken a major effort in building and reinforcing a culture which radiates integrity, character and responsible behavior when interacting with our LPs and the capital market in general, in attracting and developing our talent and in the governance of our portfolio companies.”

Morten Welo, Partner & COO/IR of FSN Capital Partners, continues:
“Addressing ESG issues is an integral part of our investment process and governance approach. We firmly believe and can demonstrate that addressing these issues mitigate risk and drives profitability and the return to our LPs.”