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FSN Capital II has undertaken the sale of its investment in Teres Medical Group AS

FSN Capital II has undertaken the sale of its investment in Teres Medical Group AS, the Nordic’s #1 group of surgical clinics. The Buyer is Sirela Sweden AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Investor AB. The Buyer is the 100% owner of Aleris. Completion of the transaction is expected late summer / fall 2015, subject to competition filing.

We are impressed with Teres’ skilled professionals as well the solid and distinguished group of surgeons they represent. Therefore, we are proud to bring them into our team”, says Aleris CEO Liselott Kilaas.

Aleris and Teres will work together to be a flexible collaboration partner with the public healthcare services and contribute with innovation, new investments, exchange of ideas and healthy competition in current and future endeavours.

Teres and Aleris share a focus on quality, professionalism and organizing treatment around the patients’ needs. As of today, we are both well-established players in the Scandinavian healthcare sector. We look forward to be a part of Aleris and continue to improve our work”, says Teres CEO Åse Aulie Michelet.

About Teres
Teres Medical Group consists of 17 clinics and private hospitals in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Teres is the largest professional group of plastic/cosmetics surgeons in the Nordics. Teres has highly qualified personnel and many experienced doctors within plastic surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, ear-nose and throat specialists, general surgeons and gastric surgeons. Teres Medical Group was established in 2007. In 2014 Teres generated revenues of approximately NOK 530 million and employed almost 300 professionals.

About Aleris
Aleris is one of Scandinavia’s leading private healthcare firms. Their operations cover a wide range of services, including hospitals, medical centres, child services, psychological  treatment, user controlled personal assistance, elderly care and services to physically- and mentally ill patients. The company has approximately 9000 employees spread over 350 different centres in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Aleris was established in 2005 and has since 2010 been owned by Investor AB. Aleris generated revenues of approximately SEK 7 billion last year.