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Fibo wins ESG prize for lifting people out of unemployment

Fibo, a portfolio company of FSN Capital IV, has been awarded the Rings in the Water prize (“Ringer i Vannet Prisen”) for training and employing people with gaps in their employment history.

The prize was awared to Fibo at its factory in Lyngdal, Norway by Mrs Siri Mathiesen, Regional Director of the Norwegian Employers Association (“NHO”). Fibo was lauded for being a role model in training and employing people with a broken employment history. “We have a responsibility to the local community to help people who fall behind to get an opportunity to get back on track” says Torfinn Knutsen, MD Fibo Norway.

Fibo also started construction of its expanded factory in Lyngdal, Norway. Continued strong customer demand for Fibo’s wet wall panels, both domestically and in international markets, has increased production to almost full capacity. Fibo is building over 4 thousand square meters of additional factory floor and investing in new machines to keep up with the growing demand. Present in Lyngdal for the construction start and ESG award ceremony was also Mr Jonas Gahr Støre, former Foreign Minister of Norway and current leader of the Labor party. “For me, this is an ideal story of what Norway can achieve at its best” Mr Gahr Støre said to Lister, the Lyngdal newspaper.