Working at FSN Capital

Working at FSN Capital Partners is being part of a team aiming to be their best at all times and all relations. In relation to each other, to employees of our portfolio companies, investors, business owners, boards and the entire network surrounding the firm.

We are decent people, making a decent return, in a decent way – and our approach is deeply rooted in a passion for growing businesses in the right way. No corners cut. No grey areas. No half-measures.

What sets FSN Capital Partners apart is how we work and understand our entrepreneurs; our approach is deeply rooted in a passion for growing business – together. FSN Capital Partners is a successful growing firm, at the same time as we cherish our flat and transparent organisation. Our team truly work as one across offices and we offer ample opportunities for our staff to develop their talent in diverse settings and close cooperation across seniority levels.

Intern Stories

Meet our 2020 spring interns at the Stockholm Office. 

Maja, 23

MSc Finance at Stockholm School of Economics

"What made me particularly interested in FSN was the size of the company. The local office in Stockholm is fairly small, in terms of employees, which has meant that as an intern I feel involved in the day-to-day operations of FSN. Furthermore, the clear ESG focus of FSN appealed to me."

Casper, 24

MSc Management and Economics of Innovation at Chalmers University of Technology

"What I like about private equity is the fact that it favours curiosity; one day, you could be involved in due diligence on an industrial company, and the day after, you could support a portfolio company in the retail industry."


Vilhelm, 27

MSc Finance at Stockholm School of Economics

"I am very happy I have been able to experience first-hand the considerations made by investment professionals when evaluating potential investments. It is interesting to get an insight into how careful and delicate investment decisions are and how the risk-return relation is viewed when making professional investments. Nothing is left to chance!"

Meet two of our employees

Life at FSN – Meet Pernilla Westergren

Meet our valued colleague Pernilla from the FSN Stockholm Office.
Pernilla joined the family in 2018 and is working as Investment Manager at FSN Capital.

“I was wrong about private equity” – Rebecca Christine Svensøy

Rebecca Christine Svensøy, General Counsel at FSN Capital talks about that she initially did not want to end up in Private Equity because she was not sure if her values was shared. She found that FSN Capital was very different than what she imagined. And that the value-driven and long-term approach to investments provides a real opportunity to create impact.

Current openings at FSN Capital

Position Location Type
Private Equity Intern Position Munich, Bayern Full-time
Unsolicited Intern Application Copenhagen, Denmark Part-time
Open Application All Offices -